Ready, Steady, British Craft Trade Fair

For the last week here at BertyB we have been mainly getting ready for British Craft Trade Fair that we are exhibiting at from the 6th-8th of April. Today though I have mostly been falling out with the the geriatric printer. Heres a wee look at the brochures we’ve been slaving over for all you lovely people and our lovely sign that will be gracing our stand 211 from this saturday. 


See you there!



A Tour Of The Berty Barn


Would you like to take a wee tour of the BertyB studio, in the Howe Of Fife? Its chilly, its draughty and its a bit messy but its home most days and as long as you have the obligatory 4 layers and don’t mind the clutter you should be fine. 

Lets take a look around the Berty Barn!


One day I’ll get window boxes but until then I will make do with cardboard ones!


Random gubbins wall above my sketch booking desk. I have not sat here much this winter. The trick is to keep on moving.



Pinning my acetates here keeps them out of trouble.


The messy shelf. Home to all sorts of dyes and other weird and wonderful chemicals. It will never be tidy despite my best efforts.


My radio! Mostly tuned into radio 2. It keeps me dancing. 

So there you have it the ‘home sweet home’ of BertyB. I hope you enjoyed your sneak peak!



Photo Shoot Larks & Japes

It seems like ages ago now but a few weeks ago we took a few snaps of the new collection. The new home wares and accessories are hand printed on Scottish linen and this was their 1st outing. It was a really great day and we got some really nice photos. At one point we got far too into it though…


When Lucy was pretending to be in AB FAB.



When it seemed like a good idea to use a broom.




When Grease Lightning came on.

Who was there – Me, my glam assistant and model Lucy and the ever helpful expert Malcolm.

What we listened/danced to – Grease soundtrack and Cat Stevens (eclectic mix)

What we ate – Pringles and Crunchies (healthy)

How many photos – Oh 1000s! (Literally)

Where we went after – For a Gin (or 2)




Even I was persuaded to pose for one snap. I think i’ll stick to directing.



Dip dip dip dying

Today in the BertyB studio I was getting creative with Dip Dying! I really love the  unpredictable nature of this dye technique and the painterly results it gives me. I also tried the ombre method to give me a more subtle effect. Dip dying gives you a more solid block colour at  the bottom by simply dipping the ends of the fabric in the dye. Ombre is a gradual change in depth of colour and is achieved by submerging sections of the fabric for different amounts of time, the darker sections for the longest time. These are some the sample swatches I made today.